Famous US Presidents Through the Centuries

The United States has entered its fourth century of existence. It began after a treaty was signed in Britain in 1783 to end the Revolutionary War. The Constitution of the United Sates was adopted in 1787. The first President to serve the United Sates was George Washington and since then 43 other men have served as President. The following list looks at the best President in each century of the United Sates.

The 1700’s

There are only two Presidents to choose from, George Washington and John Adams. Washington was the first and set the bar for the rest of the presidents that would follow. He took office in April of 1789 and left office in March of 1797. He was the leader of the Continental Army that won the Revolutionary War and gained independence for the United States.

Washington was born in Virginia in 1732 and died in 1799. He is often referred to as the Father of the Country and has always been regarded as one of the best presidents to ever hold office.

The 1800’s

Abraham Lincoln is also considered one of the best presidents to ever live. He took office during one of the most difficult times of the United States. The country was divided and war was imminent. Lincoln was the president during the entire Civil War. He is responsible for the emancipation of the slaves in the United Sates and played a crucial role in the way that the Civil war was fought.

He was considered a great speaker and his speech at Gettysburg is one of the most influential ever given. Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Kentucky in February of 1809. He died after being shot in Ford’s Theater in Washington by John Wilkes Booth in April of 1865. It is hard to determine what may have happened after the war if Lincoln had not been assassinated.

The 1900’s

There have been many Presidents who could claim to be the best in the 1900’s, but one man stands out because of his ability to hold office longer than any other President before or after him. Franklin Delano Roosevelt served from March of 1932 to April of 1945 when he died in office. He was elected four times during that span. He was able to see the country though the difficult times of the Great Depression and through World War II. His leadership helped the country become even stronger.

The 2000’s

During this century only two men have served as President, George Bush and Barack Obama. Neither can be called one of the best Presidents yet based on what they accomplished, although this may change over time.

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