Teaching America


12th President of the United States. Go.

Chances are you didn’t immediately think to yourself, of course that would be Zachary Taylor.
It’s sad to think and heart breaking to say, but we are losing our patriotism. Little by little we forget the men and women who dedicated their lives to cultivating the United States. When we forget the past we tend to repeat the mistakes made by our forefathers. We need to remember the men and women who shaped this great nation.

The US History Poster is designed to help preserve the American way. It includes more than just the face and name of each US president. It includes state capitals, even for the thirteen colonies. It gives background information on the formation of the Boy Scouts of America. It teaches about the pentagon and the branches of our Government. It even gives details on our past wars.

It’s time to educate the next generation. A correctly placed poster can emphasize passive learning. Let’s teach the children of the rising generation about their roots. They have a lot to be proud of. They just don’t know it yet.