Independence Day Facts

Independence Day

Our Nation’s Biggest Secular Holiday

We love America’s biggest secular holiday (Independence Day) US History Poster. We love the celebration of everything good that embodies America. While taking a break from creating the most education US History Poster we do enjoy celebrating Independence Day. As Independence Day is right around the corner we have decided that we are going to present some facts about the day.

1. Independence Day was officially declared a holiday in 1870. Which is almost 100 years after the initial Declaration of Independence was signed.

2. Of the $227.3 million of firework imports from the 2012 census, a massive $218.3 million was spent importing them from China.

3. Independence Day in America has now become known for its massive celebrations including the ever more famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest.

4. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4.

5. July 4th is also an independence day for the Philippines and Rwanda.

6. Independence Day is America’s biggest secular holiday

7. Over 155 million hot dogs were consumed over the fourth of July weekend in 2012.

We hope that these facts provide some unique information on the wonderful celebrations that occur every year as we celebrate our wonderful country. If you enjoy American history we encourage you to check out our US History Poster which can teach you plenty of fascinating new information regarding America and its wonderful history.

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