History Posters in Home as a Teaching Tool

Home teaching or homeschooling as some people may call it, is a different world when it comes to learning. There are many benefits from homeschooling your child. Structure and consistency are the most important things to remember. There is a variety of homeschooling methods such as workbooks/textbooks, unit studies, lap books and unschooling to name a few. Many of us could remember the various teaching methods that was encountered throughout our schooling. What do you remember the most from your schooling?

Personally, I am a visual learner and seemed to retain information a lot more if I was able to build something, draw it out or physically touch it. Many instructors use this method because over time, they have realized that many children learn once they are actually conducting a test, or using a new method or tool.

Visual aids are a great reinforcement for learning as well. Reports have shown that visual aids are great in assisting people who may have learning disorders and/or difficulties, who may have physical or mental handicaps as well as people who have difficulty in comprehension. Not only do they get the attention of most students, they get the brain working in a different way that generally leads to more interest from the students. They want to know more, and get more excited to see what actually comes next! Visual learning gets individuals involved and creates a different type of learning environment than from what they may be accustomed to. Visual aids also assist in reducing anxiety because individuals are able to see everything and work through whatever problem that occurs.

Although a student may not be focusing on one particular poster or sign all the time, the fact that they know it is there means they have noticed it, read it, and will continue to read it repeatedly. People learn through repetition, consistency and practice. If you continue to see a sign, a stop sign for example, you will know all of its attributes over time. This theory holds true for utilizing posters within the home as a teaching tool. Perhaps you will have a picture of all of the presidents in order. Over time, not only will your student/child recognize which president is which, they will learn at the same time what order they served in the office and quite possibly the years they served.

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