Independence Day Facts

Published under News on 07/03/2014

Our Nation’s Biggest Secular Holiday We love America’s biggest secular holiday (Independence Day) US History Poster. We love the celebration of everything good that embodies America. While taking a break from creating the most education US History Poster we do enjoy celebrating Independence Day. As Independence Day is right around the corner we have decided […]

Highlights of History: Month of May

Published under News on 05/01/2014

Exploring The History Of The Month Of May Over the years Lyle Green, founder of US History Poster, has spread history in an accessible way through the most educational US history poster available. To pay tribute to that wonderful goal of educating, and learning about our history we are going to cover some of the […]

March: Women’s History Month

Published under News on 03/10/2014

Pictured Above: Amelia Earheart March is Women’s History Month. This month is dedicated to the remembering of Women and their impact on society as a whole and individually. This year’s theme has been announced as “Celebrating women of courage, character, and commitment”. We would like to celebrate women who have displayed courage, character, and commitment […]

Spotlight: Abigail Adams

Published under News on 12/17/2013

The United States has been a work in progress since the day it was created. Many brave and intelligent men and women have led this nation by the hand to where it is today. We are going to spotlight one of the first women’s equality activists in US history. This month US History Poster would […]

New US History Poster Website

Published under News on 10/06/2011

After a change in direction, management, and marketing, “The Original” U.S. History Poster is back online. Original creator Lyle Green is excited about the prospects of this new launch and the management changes. Recently Mr. Green said, “We are excited to work with you guys to get this poster in the hands of those across […]