The History of Public Education in the U.S.

Published under History on 08/15/2014

How the state-funded, public school system came to be: With the most educational U.S. history poster out there, we decided to share with you the history of education in the U.S! Beginnings Initially, education in the American colonies was the same as it had been for centuries. Children from upper class families were really the […]

Visual Learning

Published under History,Presidents,Teaching Tools on 04/16/2014

There are many great reasons to buy a US History poster; however, one of the hallmark reasons is that visual learning is a very effective form of learning. Because of the great design of the poster, and the information within, learning from this poster will be a great help in gaining US History knowledge. With […]

Teaching America

Published under History,Home School,Patriotic,Presidents,Teaching Tools on 01/13/2014

12th President of the United States. Go. Chances are you didn’t immediately think to yourself, of course that would be Zachary Taylor. It’s sad to think and heart breaking to say, but we are losing our patriotism. Little by little we forget the men and women who dedicated their lives to cultivating the United States. […]

What Makes a Great U.S. History Poster?

Published under History on 10/21/2013

Since the early 20th century, the U.S. has been using posters as a means to get its message out to the public. These U.S. history posters feature bold illustrations and persuasive messages that are catchy and tend to stand out in a consumer’s mind. What makes a great U.S. history poster is its ability to […]

Famous US Presidents Through the Centuries

Published under History,Presidents on 08/25/2013

The United States has entered its fourth century of existence. It began after a treaty was signed in Britain in 1783 to end the Revolutionary War. The Constitution of the United Sates was adopted in 1787. The first President to serve the United Sates was George Washington and since then 43 other men have served […]