Mr. Lyle Green:
Veteran, Historian, and a True American

Published under Lyle Green on 05/26/2013

Lyle Green is not only a Korean War veteran but a true patriotic with a passion for this country’s great and history and culture. He has received recognition for his Original US History Poster from some of the most influential figures in US History. Here’s just a glimpse at what Mr. Green has accomplished.

Patriotic Gifts

Published under Patriotic on 02/16/2012

Patriotic Gifts to Celebrate Our American Heritage Displaying American Heritage With Patriotic Gifts The feeling of patriotism is devotion, love, and dedication to our homeland, the great USA. Well, actions speak louder than feelings. Patriotic gifts are a fantastic way to show off your pride in your country. Some popular patriotic gifts include cards, mugs, […]

New US History Poster Website

Published under News on 10/06/2011

After a change in direction, management, and marketing, “The Original” U.S. History Poster is back online. Original creator Lyle Green is excited about the prospects of this new launch and the management changes. Recently Mr. Green said, “We are excited to work with you guys to get this poster in the hands of those across […]

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