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US History Poster

Mr. Lyle Green is a veteran of the Korean War. One day, Mr. Lyle Green was at the library with his daughter who had to write an essay. Other students there were writing essays on presidents. Mr. Green found that he, too, wanted to know more about US history and former US presidents. This was the beginning of eight months of research. The research became so interesting that Mr. Green wanted to share his knowledge with students and teachers and “The Original” US History Poster was born.

Those studying the poster will find more than just presidents – they will learn history. For example, they will learn when the Boy Scouts of America was first organized in the US, which non-presidents are on US currency, and facts about the Pentagon, armed forces, wars, flags, captials of states, the original 13 colonies, and more.

Over the years, Lyle has sold thousands of this poster and even gifted it to US Presidents and other national leaders. Today, the poster stands as a beacon that represents American heritage. This artistic treasure belongs in the collection of any patriotic soul and is recognized as the most patriotic and educatonally signifcant poster in US history.